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Lot 82, Rosewood Road, Cow Bay

Lot 82 Rosewood Road (RP 738146) is a one hectare property purchased and protected by Rainforest Rescue in May 2012. It is the seventh protected property to be included in the Baralba Corridor Nature Refuge. 


The property is located north of the Alexandra Range in the Cow Bay precinct. The property lies adjacent to Rainforest Rescue’s 15th property, Lot 83 Rosewood Road. Its purchase has therefore effectively increased the size of the Corridor which has been identified as essential habitat for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius Casuarius johnsonii).

Although it lies within the Rainforest Conservation Precinct, Lot 82 Rosewood Road was one of the few remaining properties in the area that still had building approval. It’s purchase by Rainforest Rescue has ensured this property is not developed and indeed, protected forever.

Conservation value

Lot 82 Rosewood Road is classified as 'essential habitat' for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) under the Qld Vegetation Management Act 1999. Essential habitat is found on and within 1.1km of the property. 

The regional ecosystem (RE) mapping scheme indicates that the property is dominated by remnant vegetation type 7.3.10 which is classified as 'of-concern' vegetation and of 'endangered' biodiversity status. 

A vegetation assessment undertaken on the property by Rainforest Rescue volunteers Allen Sheather and Barbara Maslam in September 2011 identified the presence of more than 135 plant species from 63 different plant families and 114 genera. 

The property hosts some considerably sized canopy trees with buttress roots. The most significant of these is several species of mahogany (Dysoxylum spp.) and quite a few quandongs (Elaeocarpus grandis). A number of figs are growing on the property (Ficus benjamina, Ficus pleurospermum, Ficus racemosa and Ficus copiosa) and large emergent species include blackbean (Castenospermum australe), damson (Terminalia sericocarpa) and milkypine (Alstonia scholaris). Rare and threatened species occurring on the property include Haplostychanthus sp. Cooper Creek” (rare), Normanbya normanbyi, Endiandra microneura (rare), Cleistanthus myrianthus (rare) and Hernandia albiflora.

The purchase and protection of this property was made possible by generous donations from Rainforest Rescue supporters. In particular Rainforest Rescue wishes to acknowledge the support of The Roden Family and the Bushells Foundation.


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