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Lot 29 Cape Tribulation Road, Kimberley 

Lot 29 Cape Tribulation Road (RP 740683) is a 1.92 hectare property that was purchased and protected by Rainforest Rescue in May 2009 and named the Cassowary Corridor Wildlife Refuge.


Lot 14 Cape Tribulation Road is situated on the Bailey’s Creek section of Cape Tribulation Road and is very strategically located. 
It is bound on two sides by the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area in an area which is classified as 'essential habitat' for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii).

This section of the Cape Tribulation Road is a recognised cassowary crossing point.

Conservation value

There have been seven rare plant species identified on this property, one that is listed as 'vulnerable' and two listed as 'rare' which includes the Noah’s walnut (Endiondra microneura).

Lofty clumps of locally endemic  fan palms (Licuala ramsayi) and black palms (Normanbya normanbyi) grace the northern sector of the property whilst two species of cycad and numerous ferns abound in the denser southern part. 

These include the king fern (Marattia salicina), which, with fronds up to 5m long, is reputed to be the largest of all ferns. It is as a primitive plant, with very similar types having been around for 300 million years. 

The purchase of Lot 14 Cape Tribulation Road not only saves this precious rainforest, it also does away with one further development in the Daintree. Settlement brings with it a host of threats - clearing and fragmentation of the rainforest, introduction of domestic predators (cats and dogs), increased traffic and road kills, greater demand for services (further development) and the introduction of weed species - all of which contribute to the degradation of the Daintree’s rainforest ecosystems.

The purchase and protection of this property was made possible with generous donations from Rainforest Rescue supporters.

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