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Fundraise for the Rainforest

Thank you for becoming a Fundraiser for the Rainforest!

 It’s easy to fundraise for the rainforest, be it an individual or workplace challenge, or raising funds in place of birthday presents or wedding gifts. Fundraising is also a fun way of sharing your passion for the environment with your friends and colleagues.Fundraising efforts have included: a 20-day hike for rainforest conservation; planting trees as a wedding gift legacy; a school bake-off for the Cassowary; a raffle to buy a threatened piece of rainforest; and birthday presents to adopt young rainforest trees. One amazing supporter even cycled around the world to help protect rainforests forever.

6 steps“Every little helps… so no fundraising target is too small!”

Using our easy-to-use site, you can have your own personalised fundraising page up and running in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is write a few words about what you’re trying to achieve, set a fundraising target and share with your friends. We can share your story with other rainforest supporters or you can keep the page private for only those you send a link to.

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If you would like to talk about your ideas or need help to spread the word, 
please contact Kaley for a chat about what you would like to do. 

A personal challenge

Setting a personal trial which also supports rainforest conservation is a rewarding challenge. There’s no shortage of activities to choose from walking, climbing, running or cycling… Your challenge could even be to give up smoking or other personal resolution. Just set up your fundraising page and share with your friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

A special gift

If you want to leave a personal legacy for the planet, why not dedicate your special occasion to conserve rainforest. Anything from wedding and anniversary gifts, birthday and christening presents can all help protect rainforest forever. Even sad events such as bereavement can honour a person’s life through planting trees or protecting habitat.

Workplace and Community Fun

Sharing fundraising in the workplace or local community is great fun. How about holding a quiz, raffle or auction for the rainforest? You could set a workplace challenge such as the office going paperless for a week or hold a rainforest themed event, supported through donations. Whatever you choose, try and get your boss to match however much you raise!

In the Classroom

Learning about the rainforest is inspiring so why not channel this enthusiasm into action and help protect rainforests for future generations. Ideas can be linked to the curriculum or just have some rainforest fun – hug a tree or how about paying to not wear uniforms for a day!

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