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Lot 16 forest creek close, forest creek, qld, australia

Map Forest Creek Close PropertiesRainforest Rescue has recently negotiated the purchase and protection of Lot 16 Forest Creek Road (RP 738466) with settlement to occur in November 2013. This is one of three properties located on Forest Creek Close that Rainforest Rescue has targeted in its 'Top 5 Buy Back List'.


Lot 16 Forest Creek Road is located in the Forest Creek Precinct, south of the Alexandra Range. It is located within close proximity to four other properties purchased by Rainforest Rescue; three which form the Rainforst Rescue Nature Refuge.It is also located within close proximity to the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area. The southern boundary of the property adjoins Lot 15 Forest Creek Road, purchased and protected by Rainforest Rescue in September 2012.

Threat of development on this property was high given its location to the Daintree River and ferry terminal.

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Bumpy Satin Ash - Lot 16 Forest Creek CloseConservation Values

Lot 16 Forest Creek Road contains habitat classified under the Queensland Vegetation Management Act 1999 as 'essential habitat' for the Endangered Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii).

A flora and fauna survey undertaken on the property identified 128 different plant species including five threatened species: Brass' Pothos (Pothos brassii), Black Palm (Normanbya normanbyi), Kamala (Mallotus polyadenos), Rusty Rhodomyrtus (Rhodomyrtus effusa) and species of Haplostichantus endemic to north-east Queensland.

The purchase of this property was made possible by generous donations from Rainforest Rescue supporters.

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