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Lot 46 cape tribulation road, diwan, qld, australia

Lot-46-Cape-Tribulation-Road-View-to-Thorntons-PeakLot 46 Cape Tribulation Road (RP 745468) is a 27.66 hectare property that was purchased and protected by Rainforest Rescue in August 2010 and renamed the Cassowary Conservation Reserve.


Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road is located north of the Alexandra Range in what is referred to as the Coopers Creek Precinct.

The property is bordered by the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area on its western boundary and other conservation blocks to the north, east and south. It lies at the base of Thornton’s Peak, the third highest peak in Queensland.

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Conservation ValueLot-46-Cape-Tribulation-Road

Under the Queensland Government's Regional Mapping Scheme the property is located within biodiversity precinct 3B Coopers Creek, one of the three highest priority precincts in the Daintree Lowlands. The property exhibits Regional Ecosystem 7.3.10 which is described as being 'complex mesophyll vine forest' which is listed as ‘endangered’ under the Queensland Vegetation Management Act 1999.

rainforest restoration

As a result of a long history of abuse, from a combination of clearing, grazing and Oil Palm cultivation, the property requires extensive restoration. Vegetation on the property is in varying states of disturbance and succession and includes remnant vegetation, secondary regrowth and continually cleared and disturbed land.

Restoration of the property will be undertaken through Rainforest Rescue's Daintree Plant a Rainforest Project. Approximately 30,000 trees will be planted and a further 59,000 faciliated through natural regeneration (facilitating native regrowth through weed control). LOt-46-Cape-Tribulation-Road-Tree-Planting-Converga-Forest

Restoration of the project site will achieve significant conservation outcomes consistent with objectives outlined in the Australian Government’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2030 along with other state and regional strategies. Conservation outcomes will include:

  • an increase in biodiversity levels through expanding native habitat;
  • protecting and enhancing native vegetation through assisted natural regeneration;
  • restoring habitat connectivity in an area that has 122 threatened, rare and endangered species including the Southern Cassowary;
  • the linking of protected areas (the property backs onto the Daintree National Park/World Heritage Area);
  • managing treats to biodiversity including invasive weed speciess;
  • an increase in knowledge of local species diversity through seed collecting and plant propagation at our Daintree Plant Nursery;
  • documenting best practice in rainforest rehabilitation, restoration and revegetation techniques to be shared with community, government and industry;
  • contributing to ongoing research in the areas of Cassowary recovery, carbon sequestration in wet tropical revegetation and dynamics of succession and biodiversity In rainforest plantings

The purchase of this property was made possible by generous donations from Rainforest Rescue supporters.

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