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Enova: get switched on

5 Apr 2017 at 12:00AM


Rainforest Rescue is proud to partner with Enova Community Energy, Australia’s first community-owned electricity supplier, and like us, is based here in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

We share common goals in our concern for the planet and we’re encouraging you to join Enova because it’s a simple way for you to make a difference.

Rainforest Rescue Supporters Offer

For a limited time, if you switch to Enova Energy and quote the promotion code: Rainforest25 Enova will donate $25 to rainforest conservation for each new customer.

There are plenty of other reasons to make the switch too.

Why Enova?

Enova is firmly focused on renewables and the Enova energy plans offer something for everyone including subsidised green power. And if you have solar panels, Enova is offering a very generous rate for the solar you generate – in fact it’s the best FIT in the market right now. 12c per kWh.

Enova is community-owned by people like you and me. It’s not like the big companies, but it does have state-wide reach, providing electricity services to most of regional NSW.

Click here to check if Enova service your location.

It’s a feel-good thing - Enova was established as a social enterprise, which means 50% of the company’s returns are reinvested into energy awareness education programs, social and local renewable generation projects.

Enova is changing the game. The company’s business model is one that other communities can easily emulate – but it needs our continual support to grow.

Enova is a local initiative that’s doing something about combating a global problem, not just talking about it! So, when you sign up, you’re becoming part of this solution too.

Get switched on at enovaenergy.com.au or give them a call on 02 5622 1700.

To keep up to date with Enova, become a fan on Facebook or register to receive their news.


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