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Latest Daintree Rainforest Property Rescued

27 Mar 2017 at 12:00AM

Thanks to your support the 28th block of rainforest has been rescued in the lowland Daintree Rainforest

Update  27th March: We've just heard that the settlement has gone through today - thank you!

Lot  33 Cape Tribulation Road, Kimberley is the latest threatened rainforest  property in the Daintree to be saved by Rainforest Rescue supporters following a succesful appeal over Christmas.  Lot 33 is important as it is the fourth property Rainforest Rescue supporters have saved as part of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridoor. This new and growing protected area connects upland Daintree National Park and World Heritage Area through to Swamp Forest Nature Reserve and lowland rainforest. 


Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor, photo: Martin Stringer 

The property shares one boundary with the recently rescued Lot 32 and another with Lot 29 - which then backs onto National Park. The announcement follows the protection of the Chris Bennett Reserve -  situted across the Cape Tribulation Road from the other three properties. All three rainforest blocks saved in the last 10 months were in the Top 5 priority list identified by Rainforest Rescue for their high biodiversity value and connectivity. 

It's wonderful to see friends of the rainforest rallying together to rescue vulnerable habitat. By targetting four properties in a high biodiversity area we've managed to create a permanent corridor for wildlife - linking upland and lowland Daintree rainforest.   

Julian Gray, CEO Rainforest Rescue 

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