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Join Dynamic Business in Protecting a Half Hectare of the Daintree Rainforest, Forever

Dynamic Business is committed to conservation of the natural environment and as such, are proud to help Rainforest Rescue protect a half hectare of beautiful Lot 46, Cape Tribulation Rd, the Daintree.

Lot 46 is vital piece of rainforest with ancient connections to Gondwana. It is in the heart of the Daintree lowlands rainforest and sits at the base of the spectacular Thornton Peak, providing an important link between the upland and lowland rainforest.

Surveys of the rainforest on and adjoining Lot 46 have recorded 14 rare, three endangered and two vulnerable plant and animal species. And if that isn’t enough reason to protect Lot 46, it also provides critical habitat and connectivity for the endangered southern Cassowary, and other species including the Pygmy possum and Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

We invite our readers to create towards this vision where every $25 will buy 5 square metres of this property.

Dynamic Business and Rainforest Rescue would like to thank you for your kind donations.